Hey all. Curiosity finally [...]

A bevy of (possibly heretical and/or sacrilegious) questions

Hey all. Curiosity finally getting the better of me and I decided to finally ask it all in one place. Either my google-fu is weak, or the answers haven’t been sufficiently hashed-out; either way I’m putting on the noob bulls-eye. Seems to me that Rutan inspired homebuilts have a lot of quirks that have a hard time passing a sniff test. This isn’t to demonize one specific brand, rather a general feeling. I am impressed by the idea / look of a pusher canard (EZs, Cozies, Velocities) and may even be able to buy / build one by the time I retire… in twenty-odd years.

Rudders – Outboard-acting / single-acting only. I’ve read that canards have less control authority / yaw / roll rate than conventional aircraft. Why not swing both rudders together? If it’s a question of flow over the airfoil at the junction, why not split the rudder between the top and bottom winglets with a fixed portion around the junction? If both rudders were used at once, would the full length even be necessary?

Ailerons – At least one builder installed them with piano hinge. So, again they only act one direction. Why? Normally they work in opposition.

Control cables – With the number of leaks / overheats / fires I’ve read about, why would anyone route primary flight control cables through the engine compartment?

Trim – Why is a pulley and string job that directly controls the aileron or a fiberglass spring for the elevator remotely acceptable? A separate servo-controlled trim tab would be simple enough to install. As I understand it, a stuck or lost tab will increase stick force, but not result in more drastic failures (excluding aerobatics).

Fuel tanks – Elbow slots into the strake fuel tanks with sight-glasses inside the passenger compartments. Sure, they’re convenient, but the thought of a leak is a scary one.

Dihedral – Why is it essentially zero?

Pressurization – Can it be done? What’s involved, and can the small composites take it without de-laminating or large weight increases to prevent de-lamination?

Wings – are they just a fiberglass shell around foam? Why isn’t there more structure to make them rigid?

Nose gear – I’ve seen various electronics mounted in the gear well. Why? That’s not sealed and things will get wet / cold.

Material – I understand the draw of fiberglass, but the thought of 3+ years of epoxy, fill, sand, fill, sand, fill, sand doesn’t appeal. Has anyone built a metal EZ / Cozy / Velocity? Under the right circumstances, weights should be nearly the same.


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A bevy of (possibly heretical and/or sacrilegious) questions

Hey all. Curiosity finally [...]

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Hey all. Curiosity finally [...]

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