Hello, I am a developer [...]

Anyone interested in beta testing?

Hello, I am a developer of https://hangarhero.com/, a browser based tool for scheduling and organizing aircraft and equipment on ramps and in hangars. This application is primarily intended for hanger managers and mechanics, but features for pilots and aircraft enthusiasts are in development. We are looking for beta testers who would be willing to give our product a trial run!

The Details:
Runs in any modern internet browser. No special downloads, apps, or plugins required.
Pricing for the release version is not confirmed yet.
Anyone who signs up for the beta will receive a free month of service after release.

How does it work?
Sign up for your beta account on the signup page https://hangarhero.com/adduser. Fill in the trial payment information provided to test the billing system and verify your email address to complete your account.

What Now?
We are working on a series of tutorial videos to guide new users through the basic functions. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYo…BJG9f9JBBXS7Lg

Written documentation is available under the ‘help’ menu.

Any bugs, suggestions, questions, or requests should be submitted with a bug report in the ‘help’ menu, or sent to support@mg.hangarhero.com

Known Bugs:
Only civilian US aircraft with current FAA issued N numbers are available for automatic 3d model display. Other aircraft must be manually added from the ‘equipment’ menu.
Database of aircraft registrations is about six months old.
Balloons, autogyros, drones, gliders and ultralights are not supported at this time.
Database of aircraft models is not yet comprehensive. If you enter an aircraft that is not in our database an automatic bug report is generated and the addition of that model will be prioritized. This is a focus for our work during beta, so expect missing aircraft to be added within 24 hours of a failed loading attempt.
Some aircraft models with multiple landing gear configurations display the wrong type.
Database of equipment and ground vehicles is mostly empty. Use the bug report system to make requests for additional equipment models.


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Anyone interested in beta testing?

Hello, I am a developer [...]

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Hello, I am a developer [...]

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