In October 2013 I got [...]

Bob Davenport’s LGEZ for sale (project)

In October 2013 I got a flat in the left main tire right at Vrot, while taking off in Colorado. The drag and yaw pulled me off the runway, and then the main gear came off. Bob Davenport’s Long EZ (completed in 1993), which I have owned since 2010, is now in need of some TLC. I am selling this project as I have a new baby and wife. My bachelor life is no more.
I put 260+ hours on the plane in about three years. It flew great; it can again.
$19k includes LYC O-320 with about 900 SMOH (160hp). engine comp 74,74,76,78 in sept 2013, a month prior to the incident. Canard is good (cosmetic damage only), right wing good, left wing needs to be inspected (luggage pod was attached when main gear came off). fuselage needs to be repaired. nose gear broke through R22 bulkhead. main gear brackets repaired. fuel tanks intact, not leaking.
I have complete records for plane and engine. If interested I will send you a summary of the plane’s history and pics. Although damaged, this project will save you YEARS of time vs new construction, and money.

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Bob Davenport’s LGEZ for sale (project)

In October 2013 I got [...]

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In October 2013 I got [...]

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