Has anyone done this – [...]

Borrowing vacation from next year?

Has anyone done this – Borrowing vacation from next year’s vacation allotment?

I would like to drop a trip in the following month by using vacation, but not sure how that works. I’m not trying to do a vacation drop for emergency leave or a life event. Just trying to use next year’s vacation to get a trip that I need off, that falls outside of a standard vacation drop request that you would do thru the CPO.

Can this be done in the monthly bid or is this a different process?

Any info or points of contact?

Also, Has anyone had luck being able to drop a trip on the 20th, when trip trading opens for the following month? Coverage always sucks, so can never do it.



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Borrowing vacation from next year?

Has anyone done this – [...]

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Has anyone done this – [...]

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