FYI: The company has been [...]

Business Class Deadheads

FYI: The company has been putting us on a lot of low $$ Business Class deadheads International that do not have 175 degrees of seat angle or higher. It’s very hard if not impossible to get adequate rest, and we need to grieve this now. 4 of us were put on JAL on the B787 with a "SHELL FLAT NEO" seat that is only 171 degrees. We need to start documenting this crap for a grievance because we are do 1st class Deadhead fares for this. I’d bet there are a lot of us who are in this category since the contract was signed and our travel banks should reflect the true 1st class fares we previously had.

Image4The JAL Shell Flat Neo Seat has been created based on the design of JAL Shell Flat Seat – JAL’s award-winning seat in business class. The new seat for JAL Executive Class Seasons has been improved in a number of ways to maximize business class passengers’ comfort and relaxation.
Compared to the JAL Shell Flat Seat, the JAL Shell Flat Neo Seat reclines further to an angle of 171 degrees and its seat pitch and width have both been increased.
Image5The upholstery of the seat, which now includes a slip-proof cover, has been enhanced to ensure that passengers can relax to the full and enjoy the most refreshing of sleeps. The controls of the seat have been refined to enable passengers to find the perfect position in which to relax.
A 15.4 inch personal TV screen has been incorporated into the JAL Shell Flat Neo Seat providing passengers with one of the world’s largest screens available in international business class.
Image6By expanding the center console of the seat, stowage areas have been increased, freeing up even more space for the passenger. Three handy locations for spectacles, slippers and a water bottle have been incorporated into the new design and the magazine rack has been enlarged.
A new feature of JAL Executive Class Season and a world first will be the “Sky Gallery”. One of the walls of the business class cabin will feature a photographic exhibition that will be regularly changed over the year. The first exhibit, in collaboration with Fuji Film, will be a series of photographs of forests in Japan entitled ‘Forest Forever’. The gallery will be located directly opposite a self-service bar counter, where passengers can enjoy snacks and beverages at anytime, whilst admiring the photographs.

Here’s an excerpt from an airline critique:

"The business class seats installed on this route were the biggest disappointment of the whole experience. While the plane is new, the seats are what Japan Airlines calls “Shell Flat Neo,” an older angle-flat seat that was phased out on the carrier’s long-haul routes aboard 777s in favor of the newer, more private and luxurious “Sky Suite” seats. I’ve flown on Sky Suite-equipped planes that fly LAX-NRT, and they’re leaps and bounds more comfortable and private than this 787’s setup."

Read more:…#ixzz4GMuY1MNc

We need to protect the contract we have and document this stuff or they’ll they’ll have a precedent set…


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Business Class Deadheads

FYI: The company has been [...]

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FYI: The company has been [...]

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