As Don Denhard has announced [...]

Canards West Fly-In: 6/3 – 6/5, 2016

As Don Denhard has announced previously, we will hold the Canards West Fly-In on June 3rd through June 5th, 2016, at the Columbia, CA airport (O22). Monitor:

for more information as it becomes available with respect to events/presentations/etc.

There are a couple of changes this year. First, the good news – we’ve got a new caterer, who will be providing the following menu:

Garlic Bread
Grilled Veggie Platter – (red peppers, zucchini etc)
Caesar Salad

Pork & Figs – (slow roasted pork roast simmered in a marsala fig sauce)
Chicken Picatta – (pan roasted chicken breast in a lemon caper sauce)
Three Cheese Tortellini – (simmered in a pesto cream sauce)

Assorted Italian Cookies and Cakes – ( lemon ricotta cookies, Florentines Etc.)

You do NOT have to choose one or the other of the three main dishes, as in previous years – there’s enough of everything for everyone.

Now the marginally less good news – the price for the dinner is going up from $25/person to $35/person. Given that the cost of the event has not changed in 12 years, and the food has previously, how to say, been sub-optimal, we’re viewing this as a reasonable and good thing – as a percentage of the total cost of attending (motel, flying costs, fuel, etc.) this is a minor increase.

Please make your reservations at the local motels early – they can fill up – and PLEASE contact Tim Fisher (event organizer) ASAP to pay him and allow him to have an accurate head count. He is reachable at:

Send your checks to:

Tim Fisher
1300 Marilyn
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 996-9919

Hope to see you all there!

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Canards West Fly-In: 6/3 – 6/5, 2016

As Don Denhard has announced [...]

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As Don Denhard has announced [...]

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