4yr Aviation degree from a [...]

Career Limbo. Advice & Insight Needed!

  • 4yr Aviation degree from a well known University
  • 5000hrs total time, 3000+ Turbine PIC, 1200+ 121 PIC (from 10 years ago)
  • Experience in 91/135/121

I was told when I was younger getting into flying that the regional life was tough, and that potential Legacy airline recruiters would appreciate a diverse experience of flying…so that’s what I pursued. I did some "regional" flying and got my PIC time and then went into the corporate world as I had received a unique opportunity to do plenty of jet flying with little hotel time. Jump ahead 10 years, and I’m flying 135 for a great outfit but I’m watching the majors turn the corner into hiring mode and relative job security (relative to this industry anyway).

im at a crossroads of feeling like I have a decent enough resume to have a shot at pursuing both a quality 91 gig or the majors (which I would enjoy either). I want to find a place to "hang my hat", my dream gig always being SWA.

My concern is that I’m not quite the desired resume for the Legacy carriers at the moment. Regional captains seem to have the upper hand by a long shot, though I’m routinely assured by my peers at SWA/Delta/American/United that I have a great shot with my experience/numbers. I know there are an abundance of threads on this type of topic now so I apologize…but for a guy with my credentials, in his mid 30s with a wife and kids, what do I do?

Do I hold out in hopes that my resume will make it through the system and earn me a call?
Do I pursue a LCC as another step towards a Legacy carrier? Go to a regional?

I have an offer to interview with a LCC, but I’m weighing my options. It’s a significant pay cut, but I might really enjoy the place and I’m wondering if it wouldn’t increase my marketability at a goal gig.

Any insight, advice, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.


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Career Limbo. Advice & Insight Needed!

4yr Aviation degree from a [...]

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4yr Aviation degree from a [...]

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