I have my private sel [...]

Commercial MEL vs SEL

I have my private sel and mel and have met the time/PIC requirements for my commercial rating in either. My issue is that my written test expires in January as work and personal life got in the way of working on the practical portion. However, I have the next month available to work on the practical portion. I have my own single engine airplane but it is not retractable. I have been told a couple of different things and would like a consensus.
First, I have been told to do my commercial multi first as it would be quicker and I would be less rushed. I could then do the single commercial in my plane without worrying about the retractable requirement.
At a different school, I have been told to do my single first, using my plane for the maneuvers (to save rental cost) and then the approach/retract with their Arrow. I could then move on the multi.
Any ideas as to which would be the better route? My two main concerns are my time constraints (which would be faster) and cost (getting multi first would cost more?). If it matters, I am in Florida so hopefully weather will not be a problem.
I have a little over 500hrs TT with 150hrs of multi and an instrument rating. I haven’t flown much in the last year and it has been 3 years since I flew twins. Just did my BFR last week…
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Commercial MEL vs SEL

I have my private sel [...]

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I have my private sel [...]

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