I have a friend (not [...]

Converting a Gas or Diesel Tank to Jet-A

I have a friend (not a pilot) who is working on a charity project requiring a lot of flying.

He needs a fuel truck or tank on site, but the budget constraints are such that he is limited in terms of what he can actually acquire.

He messaged me asking if a gas or diesel tank, in general, is readily convertible to Jet-A.

I don’t know the age or construction of the tank, but I can tell you that the fuel drawn from such a tank would be going into a PT-6 powered aircraft.

Assuming the respective tank has been aired out, and that premixed fuel is used, are there contamination concerns I may not be aware of? Is residual gasoline that may exist as a film on the inside of the tank significant enough to be concerned? If so, is there a method worth investigating to clean such a tank?

Thank you in advance.


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Converting a Gas or Diesel Tank to Jet-A

I have a friend (not [...]

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I have a friend (not [...]

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