Great opportunity for a 3-5 [...]

Cozy IV project sn 1147 for sale

Great opportunity for a 3-5 year head start, $40k+ of materials, and thousands of hours of free labor. Photos and original build log linked. I’m second owner (all construction by original owner Chad Robinson with extensive contribution from John Slade). Since I acquired the project in 2012 I’ve put a few hundred hours of filling/sanding into the wings, canopy, and top of fuselage/strakes. Sadly, back problems mean I can’t finish the project.

Project Includes:

  • Dennis Oleman Wings, Spar, Canard
  • Electric nose lift
  • Electric speed brake
  • Carbon fiber wheel pants
  • Audio panel and some instruments
  • Fuel tanks/strakes sealed/leak tested by original owner
  • Original ver.3 plans

Project has the most desirable mods:

  • Cozy Girrrl Strakes (huge interior volume increase)
  • Forward hinge canopy (easier loading/unloading;increased safety, makes unlatched canopy non-event)
  • Internal rudder bellhorns (5kts faster? (every mod good for 5kts???))


Available for inspection @ KAHN…ucubration.pdf

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Cozy IV project sn 1147 for sale

Great opportunity for a 3-5 [...]

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Great opportunity for a 3-5 [...]

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