Being a contractor I always [...]

dreams can come true

Being a contractor I always thought some day I might open a barn door and find an old plane. Well it did not quite happen that way, it just happened to be in a fiberglass business. I was not sure what it actually was although just the workmanship ship I saw was enough to interest me. When I inquired I was told one of the original builders suffered an aneurysm and past both were world war two pilots. I inquired what were they going to do with it and made an offer. Well its now sitting in my barn and I have spent hours reading the original plans and observed how meticulous the builder was making notes and documenting parts and CPs . I was told the second surviving builder to old to get around was happy to see some one might do something with it.I have spent allot of time trying to establish exactly what steps were completed before the builders death im quitr confident the main wings are, completed along with main landing gear and canard the fuselage appears to be complete with the exception of the nose and possibly one layer of glass on the front portion . Well to shorten the story im looking for help to confirm what I have and guidance in completing this aircraft. And to add im not proficient in the use of a forums.

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dreams can come true

Being a contractor I always [...]

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Being a contractor I always [...]

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