I’m having a hell of [...]

E Logbook Transfer from DECS

I’m having a hell of a time learning how to use DECS/SABRE as a new hire. I’m sure many of you did, too. 1980s tech… I guess thats another thread.

I was concerned how to get the info onto my e logbook. The output method under the logbook tab on the APA site didn’t give me just the raw data, but a lot of data I couldn’t do anything with. So with a TON of help and a lot of digging, I’ve found how to get the data for your e logbook. I use Log10 Pro, but this will work with all the others as well.

Go to the APA Sabre site, go to DECS links, select Main, and enter hi24a/month…for example…hi24a/apr. Then copy and paste this data (into the import schedule on LogTen using the American Airlines importer) wherever you need it. Much easier to use than the CSV export that Sabre generates.

Thanks to Clint and LuckyNow and anyone else I missed for your help.


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E Logbook Transfer from DECS

I’m having a hell of [...]

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I’m having a hell of [...]

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