I submitted a recorded radio [...]

EAA Timeless Voices

I submitted a recorded radio interview that my dad did with the local radio station to the Timeless Voices project that the EAA produces.
I thought that some here might find it interesting.

It’s funny to listen to your dad talking at an age that is younger than my youngest son.
We sure asked a lot more of our young men in that time.
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Good Morning,
I have a recording saved out on my One Drive that I have shared to allow you to access:
Radio Interview
This is a radio interview that my dad (Lt JG Leonard Mann) did after returning from the Pacific Theater in WWII.
My dad flew a Hell Diver (dive bomber) off of the USS Bunker Hill. He was awarded the US Navy Flying Cross for his action during his deployment to the Pacific Theater.

During the interview he describes the difficulty his squadron had during a mission in Formosa (Taiwan.) What he doesn’t say is that he and his gunner were the sole survivors of that mission. The rest of the squadron was shot down.

I was walking from the museum to the main display grounds during Oshkosh 2011 and a fellow with a cart stopped and offered a ride. As we chatted along the way I learned that he was the head of the Timeless Voices program. I told him about the recorded interview and promised to make that available. Well, here we are four years later and I’m finally getting it done.

Thanks for the ride.

T Mann


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EAA Timeless Voices

I submitted a recorded radio [...]

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I submitted a recorded radio [...]

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