Hello to all, I was [...]

Expats/Locals Blackisted or not?

Hello to all, I was looking through the forums for an answer but could not find it so decided to toss the question out there.

I was recently talking to a colleague and he mentioned that a friend of his who is working for Emirates as a 777 Captain has been trying to get back to the USA for a while now. Despite his heavy experience, my friend tells me that "not even Spirit has taken an interest in interviewing him" and that (this is his opinion now) "expats who work for UAE airlines are blacklisted".
I have heard similar stuff about GoJet and Mesa pilots as well.

With the so called "Pilot Shortage" I find it hard to believe that carriers are discualifying people based on their past employers.

Has anyone here heard anything remotely similar? I would love to hear your opinion on the subject.

Once again my appologies if this has already been discussed already on some other thread.

Thanks to all for your feedback.


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Expats/Locals Blackisted or not?

Hello to all, I was [...]

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Hello to all, I was [...]

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