I’m in need of information, [...]

First Regional

I’m in need of information, and I’m turning to apc for the answers. I wanted to get some feedback from actual pilots currently at these airlines. I’m approaching the 1,500 mark and feel further away from actually making it to the regionals than ever before. Mainly because I’m so uncertain as to where to go. I’ve interviewed at TSA and have gotten a conditional. However I’m also looking at compass and republic as options. I plan to stay as close to Florida as possible so that’s why I like TSA (possible Raleigh) and Republic for MIA. Compass from what is seems is a better company, however I hate the idea of living at or near any of their bases. I don’t plan on commuting at first, but see myself trying it once I’ve gotten my foot in the door and learn how things work. I’m looking for any information about current working conditions at these companies, the good, the bad, and the ugly


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First Regional

I’m in need of information, [...]

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I’m in need of information, [...]

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