It is known that reservers [...]

Fixes to reserve

It is known that reservers want improvements. Not one person is debating that reserve could be better. The question is, what is better? What would have been worth giving up the 10am day one? All the airlines have a unique ways of doing reserve. SWA gives more days off to start but trades off unused reserve credits. DAL has long stretches of reserve with scheduling dictating the time off in that stretch. We treat Global and Basic differently. So what is a reserve system that we want, that the company can administer and one that increases QWL and QOL? Lets keep this to assignments and time off. Those againts the TA because it has no reserve improvements have already stated that assignment and time off out weigh compensation. No need to hash that out again in this thread.

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Fixes to reserve

It is known that reservers [...]

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It is known that reservers [...]

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