Recently, I had the pleasure [...]

Flight in a different type aircraft.

Recently, I had the pleasure of flying as a passenger in a powered "paraglider". Certainly, this has little to do with canard aircraft, except that it’s a form of flying. One of the members of the local E.A.A. owns it and gave me a ride one morning. We are constantly reminded that flying "low and slow" is dangerous, except when landing. The paraglider is the exception. This thing doesn’t fly faster than 28 mph. You advance the throttle and you go up. You retard it slighty, and fly level. Retard it some more and you descend at 28 mph. The engine stalls and you still descend at 28mph, but at a slightly steeper angle. The only thing is that you shold have reasonalby calm air so that the chute won’t swing back and forth. We took off and landed in about 100 ft. Our altitude varied from 20 ft to about 500 ft, which was our maximun because we were near the airport. It was a leisurely sight seeing trip in the open air but we couldn’t go anywhere distant. I don’t think I would get into this as a hobby but it certainly is an economical way to go. No hanger or field storage rental. All you have is the craft and a small trailer to hold it. The engine which is the most expensive item, is fairly frugal with gas. Insurance is reasonable and you store it in your garage. Thought I’d mention this. Jack

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Flight in a different type aircraft.

Recently, I had the pleasure [...]

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Recently, I had the pleasure [...]

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