when our artificial horizon started [...]

Garmin G5 :)

when our artificial horizon started failing we were quoted more that 1000$ to have it fixed. We decided to instead, throw out the vacuum system and replace the AH and DG with a Garmin G5.

I have now had two flights in our Cozy3 with the new "toy". I am amazed by even this very small EFIS. We still have our old airspeed and altimeter installed. the altimeter shows the same and the ASI shows a 4 knot difference. My GPS triangulation flight in gusty weather indicated that the old instrument differs by about 3 knots and the G5 by max 1 knot from correct.

One of the really nice features about the G5 is the logging function, the above triangulation flight was super easy to perform as all I had to do was to make sure that logging was enabled and that the micro SD card was in the slot. No notes needed to be taken during the flight, I could instead review the logs in the comfort of my office later and do all the calculations.

With todays prices on entry level EFIS, I cannot se any market for vacuum instruments anymore. Next is to install the new GMU 11 magnetometer and get rid of the old compass… :dancbana:


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Garmin G5 :)

when our artificial horizon started [...]

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when our artificial horizon started [...]

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