My medical expired and it [...]

Got your Medical?

My medical expired and it was so close to the May 1st date for a Basic Med …..

I went ahead and scheduled a flight physical for a 3rd Class but they pushed me out until June 6th.
So I started looking at the Basic Med again.

I got everything taken care of (online course & Physical) and was awarded my Basic Med cert.
At the same time I am doing my BFR and wanted to get some hours logged in the Piper Arrow in preparation for a expected first flight in my resurrected Velocity.

As expected, there was a lot of confusion at the FBO as to whether or not, my Basic Med would be deemed as acceptable or not. I guess they haven’t seen many of them yet.

I believe I have it worked out with them. Guess I’ll find out when I get there to fly on Sunday.

I was going to opt for the standard 3rd class due to the expected confusion as to how well the Basic Med would be accepted.
Looks like I’m good to go………. and I saved $184 in the process.

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Got your Medical?

My medical expired and it [...]

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My medical expired and it [...]

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