Hainan Airline is hiring A330 [...]

Hainan Hiring

Hainan Airline is hiring A330 Catpains. Here is a minimum flight time requirement for application.

Under 54 years old
Minimum flight time of 4000 hours
Minimum PIC time on A330/A320 of 1000 hours.

Hainan doesn’t have A320 fleet, but they do accept A320 Captain for CCQ to A330.

This is a great time to try out for Hainan Airline as they having a lot more A330 delivered in the next couple years which mean more demand for pilots which leads to better chance of being accepted.

Hainan also recently change their CEO who fixed the infamous reputation of the airline treating foreign pilots poorly.

There is also rumors of 3% to 5% salary raise per annum as the company is growing rapidly.

I am currently flying for Hainan as an A330 Captain. If anyone is interested, sent me a message, I will hook you up with Hainan’s recruitment.


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Hainan Hiring

Hainan Airline is hiring A330 [...]

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Hainan Airline is hiring A330 [...]

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