Just wanted to drop a [...]

Hi from WV

Just wanted to drop a line to introduce myself. I am super interested in building a canard, very likely a cozy (wavering between cozy and velocity). Main appeal of cozy for me is low up front cost and also relatively better opportunities for customization. For velocity, I like the look and also the the doors. I am sure there are other positives/negatives compared to each other.
Currently I am taking lessons for my ppl. I should be done hopefully in few months. Taking my time with landing as the airport I am learning at is pretty small with hills surrounding it (WV12, Mallory airport, WV). You have to get everything almost perfect to make it right. No going arounds or touch and go’s once you are within 200′ agl.
Anyway, appreciate all of your contributions to the vast amount of information in the forum. Looking forward to meeting some of you some time.


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Hi from WV

Just wanted to drop a [...]

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Just wanted to drop a [...]

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