I am not sure anyone [...]

How to get funds for CFI training.

I am not sure anyone has made a posting about how to finish up or get the CFI training. I am wanting to get my CFI but I am having a hard time trying to save up or get the training done without the needed funds. Many people say to look up for grant or scholarship to get the training or get a loan out.

I am not sure where to look for grants or scholarships because I have gone to the AOPA website to see if there anything about helping pilots who want to get the CFI done and are needs of funds. Most scholarship I have seen say you need to be in school.

Thanks for any tips or help on helping me or other fellow pilots who are in the same boat as me who want to teach other people but don’t have the funds to finish the training.


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How to get funds for CFI training.

I am not sure anyone [...]

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I am not sure anyone [...]

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