Long time lurker… starting to [...]

How would YOU compare majors besides pay?

Long time lurker… starting to look at a possible post-mil airline career as retirement approaches.

I am hoping to get guys’ thoughts on non-pay considerations. I want to try to understand what issues guys are considered to be "good deals" and "raw deals" for the big carriers (UAL, DAL, AAG, and SWA). Are there any things that you wished you knew before you were hired that you aren’t excited about? What do you think of the "intangibles" (eg, RIGs, min day, insurance, life on reserve, scheduling pros/cons, corporate culture, opportunity to bid onto new equipment, training, etc.)?

Let’s assume:
- QOL is satisfactory (meaning, you can live in base where you want)
- All pay rates are equal (shoot, let’s consider PS is zero’d out also)
- You are happy with equipment you bid

I am just trying to open the aperture a little bit and think bigger than pay rates and compare the stuff that is below the surface. I have a copy of the APA Contract Comparison summary from Jan 14 – I just don’t know which of those things really matters to guys. …or rather, I don’t know what I don’t know. :rolleyes:

I realize most of this stuff is subject to change with contracts, but you have start somewhere… Happy to take PMs if it makes sense.



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How would YOU compare majors besides pay?

Long time lurker… starting to [...]

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Long time lurker… starting to [...]

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