I’m here looking for rumors [...]

Is Some Input More Equal Than Another?

I’m here looking for rumors on movement on an overall deal. Seems a little quiet on that front.

What I’m seeing is a lot of "contact your reps", because "your voice isn’t being heard". I’ve spoken to several reps, from my councils and others (none of whom are remotely controversial on APC), and they all relate the same. Without betraying any specific conversation, the composite picture was that a minority wants the company opener on Section 1, a minority wants to burn everything to the ground, and the majority is somewhere in between, and wanting to discuss specific issues, while awaiting a deal that they can judge in its’ entirety.

Oddly now, I’m even seeing reps asking their members to offer input back to themselves, and to the Admin (which works directly for them), and even being so courteous as to tell the members what sort of input they need to hear.

Now these cries for help on APC.

So I just want to make sure… When you guys ask pilots to contact their reps, you’re just asking them to exercise their democratic rights, and making their own voice heard, no matter what they want, right?


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Is Some Input More Equal Than Another?

I’m here looking for rumors [...]

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I’m here looking for rumors [...]

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