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Jump Seat Ethics

I started a thread on the regional forum about jump seat ethics and sadly many fellow pilots from SkyWest could not or would not see what their selfish actions do to the industry.

SkyWest management is promoting the use of and management pilots are requesting the jumpseat on all and any carriers to facilitate company business functions. Our management feels this is acceptable.

I’m not talking about a pilot using the JS for a dead head, either way, because it’s more convenient, but for travel to and from training, meetings, conferences, etc.

I have always felt the JS should be used for the FAA and then for internal company checking. After that it would be used for commuting pilots and then for simple travel by flight crews with reciprocal agreements.

I do not agree with the use of the JS to get to training or other company fuctions simply because of the cost of a ticket or the use of a revenue seat that is taken, even if it’s our own metal. We are told we can be asked to take the JS on our own aircraft but if you don’t take it when asked you’ll have nice sit down with your chief, many of our own gate agents don’t even ask any more they just assign the JS to accommodate a pax.

What do main line pilots think about this and what can be done, besides the obvious of get a real contract?


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Jump Seat Ethics

I started a thread on [...]

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