When I was a boy, [...]

Just Saying Hello

When I was a boy, my grandfather Chuck used to walk me around this amazing airport in Santa Paula, California.. On lovely afternoons I would see dozens and dozens of shiny airplanes or works in progress jumping out of the open doors into my fantasies. I remember the Pitts Special was always my favorite to see as a boy. My grandfather loved the Piper Cubs.. And I remember on occasion seeing a Vari-Eze. My grandfather explained to me what a canard was and how it was different. I remember thinking how cool the plane was.. I remember rubbing my hands on the nose cone of the canard plane. Wow.. That was decades ago..

I’ve designed and built a couple of boats using composites and was about to start a new boat project and it dawned on me that I was tired of building boats.

35 years later I find myself living in coastal North Carolina still thinking back to my walks with Chuck as an 11 year old. After "lurking about" canard build sites for a few months I finally pulled the trigger on plans for the Cozy.

I had my pilots license 20 years ago however I let it lapse years ago. Looking forward to getting back in the cockpit again!

Anyways.. Just wanted to say Hi….


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Just Saying Hello

When I was a boy, [...]

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When I was a boy, [...]

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