I was just curious what [...]

Latest and greatest regional?

I was just curious what everyone’s opinion is on who the latest and greatest regional airlines is. Endeavor sounds really good with their $50k a year salary, Envoy sounds good with their direct flow to American and the fact that they’re wholly owned, Skywest sounds nice because they are the largest regional and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I realize that regionals all suck……for lack of a better term, but as far as picking the best in terms of upgrade time, quality of life, and base location, any input would be appreciated. I live in the Detroit area so a DTW base would be nice, from what I’ve heard Detroit is no longer Endeavor’s more junior base, any idea how long a line or reserve at DTW might take?


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Latest and greatest regional?

I was just curious what [...]

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I was just curious what [...]

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