Burrall Sanders sent info and [...]

Lithium Ion Battery Self-Destruct

Burrall Sanders sent info and video of a Lithium Ion Battery overheating and self-destructing, like micro exotherm:

From Burrall:

"We have a Cozy MKIV in the shop that I am working on the wiring. The builder installed an Aerovoltz Lithium Ion battery. Yesterday, I heard a soft poof and then a hiss coming from the battery, and within ten seconds the battery was spewing a huge smoke plume and was melting the battery’s case. We scrambled to get the hanger door open and the plane pushed outside. While the smoke decreased after about 3 minutes the heat continued. I decided I could get in the back of the plane and cut the battery cables with a good set of cable cutters. So, I held my breath and climbed in and as quickly as I could I cut the cables and tossed the battery out on the ground. It was then I was able to get a video of the battery as it continued to self destruct. The battery burned for at least ten minutes before it quit spewing smoke, sparks and its internal parts.

We have just finished installing a pair of these batteries in a Long-EZ and within a few days of installation one began showing signs of not holding a charge and I noticed it was getting warm to the touch. I removed it and Aircraft Spruce promptly warranted the battery and sent us a new one. The one that burned yesterday was showing similar signs of not holding a charge and about an hour before it burned I noticed it was warm to the touch. I had no idea at the time of the first battery failure how close it was to the catastrophic results that we saw yesterday.

It is absolutely horrifying to think of that happening while airborne. As fast as it escalated it would have filled the cockpit with that terrible smoke and fumes in just a couple seconds. By the time I took the video linked below the smoke had tapered off considerably. In my opinion no one in the aircraft would have survived had this happened while in the air. No one should even consider having these batteries in the aircraft with them.

One of the scariest things I have seen. Might as well have a wing come off, the outcome is the same. I have added a link below to the video I took. Have a look at the video, you’ll be shocked.

Best, Burrall Sanders"



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Lithium Ion Battery Self-Destruct

Burrall Sanders sent info and [...]

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Burrall Sanders sent info and [...]

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