I have a Long Eze [...]

Long Eze yaw

I have a Long Eze RG that has retractable mains. The aircraft has an o360 with dual Lightspeed plasma III ignitions so it is pretty stout and I swing a CATTO 3 blade. The aircraft is quite a performer, but have some questions. The aircraft has a slow roll to the right so I know I need to shim the left wing down a hair, it had a more pronounced roll but I added a washer and it took out 90% so I know I have a little more to go.
The other issue is that it has quite a bit of yaw to the right and need a bunch of left rudder in cruise, I actually blocked the rudder and it solved the issue but now I have about a 1/4 inch of deflection. Is there any adjustment to get the yaw out without blocking the rudder.


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Long Eze yaw

I have a Long Eze [...]

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I have a Long Eze [...]

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