My wife and I made [...]

Lycoming O-360 A4K

My wife and I made a deal…. she got a new fridge, oven, and countertops.
I got an expensive wooden shipping crate with a magnificent piece of art inside…

1330 hours since built by Schmidt Aviation (certified engine upon rebuild)
All those hours are since April 2007, with at least 130 hours each year, on an RV-9.

Exhaust Valves, cylinder walls, oil analyses, filter analyses, compression, and oil consumption are good.

P-Mags will be replaced with a non-impulse Slick on the right, and some form of EI on the left. The P-Mags have been trouble free on the RV, although I am not comfortable running them in the Cozy. My research leads me to conclude that we don’t manage accessory case heat as well as the RV planes do, and maybe this is why P-Mags often have short lives on our pushers.

The engine was preserved by the seller with a bottle of VpCI-326, which I purchased and sent to him before the engine was removed from the RV two weeks ago. I will do additional preservation when I get it off of the pallet this week.

Obtaining my engine has been a great learning step for my build….. Woo Hoo!!!!

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Lycoming O-360 A4K

My wife and I made [...]

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My wife and I made [...]

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