I had a carry in [...]

Make Up Bid Help

I had a carry in conflict in July and ended up losing a 35 hour trip so I find myself for the first time ever submitting a make up bid. It’s nearly impossible to get an answer from the scheduling people and the information online is limited. I’m hoping someone here can give me an answer from experience.

My question is "How does the computer pick my bid choices?"

To be specific, I only want to work the last week. My submitted max make up time was about 39 hours. My first choice was individual trips for a 5 day period for a total of 30 hours. (I realize they all need to be available). My second choice was a single trip that overlapped some of (but not all) the days and was about 35 hours. If they are both available, will the system pick the second choice because it’s a closer match to my max time of 39 hours? The help screen in VIPS says "This sequence of processing will continue for each of your subsequent bids until your targeted make-up limit has been achieved."

I’m okay with it stopping at my first choice. All of my subsequent choices will have the same calendar footprint…

Thanks for any input!


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Make Up Bid Help

I had a carry in [...]

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I had a carry in [...]

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