Metal Constant Speed Props: 30 [...]

Metal Constant Speed Prop

Metal Constant Speed Props: 30 or 40 years ago Rutan may have warned people that a metal CSP will fail on the back of a canard. Confused air, strake interference blah, blah, yaddah, doom. Since then the community warns against metal CSP’s specifically and CSP’s in general. I think it’s all hearsay and thought experiments without any evidence.
1. Is there any data developed by anyone in the community?
2. Has anyone ever had a metal CSP fail on a canard?
3. Is there anything at all other than hearsay and anecdotal evidence?
The Defiant I posted a few days ago has 2 blade metal CSP props on both ends. Takes off and climbs like a bat out of hell. Cruises at 175 kts TAS on 15gph. I think we were at 8500ft.
Keep the metal CSP’s?
Put a Hoffman 3blade composite CSP on the back?
Cato fixed pitch on both ends?
Why change at all?
I love Rutan Designs but I think he is full of crap on the prop thing.

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Metal Constant Speed Prop

Metal Constant Speed Props: 30 [...]

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Metal Constant Speed Props: 30 [...]

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