Hi All,
My home airport does [...]

MOGAS Transportation, Handling, and Storage

Hi All,

My home airport does not have fuel so I need to convert my airplane to MOGAS and I need to find a safe way to transport, handle, and store MOGAS so I wanted to reach out to the brain trust for advice.

I have a large car transport trailer so I can certainly get one of these refueling tanks and strap it down in the trailer:


Does anyone have a recommendation for such a unit specifically designed for gasoline/ aviation use because practically all of the commercially available units are geared up for diesel fuel for agriculture use however with gasoline there are more concerns such as:

-There should certainly be some kind of filter/ gascolator installed

-Grounding strap (tank to trailer to airplane)

-Is the electric fuel pump used on the unit a concern?

Airplane wise here are my questions:

-My airplane wing fuel tanks have Jeffco however the header tank is just fiberglass without Jeffco so that is something to consider because the gas stations all have a sticker that says "may contain ethanol".

-My Bendix was rebuilt by Airflow Performance so all the seals, gaskets, diaphragms are impervious to ethanol. My fuel lines are PTFE so they are OK.

-The engine is a turbocharged IO-540 with 7.3:1 compression pistons so I will need to manually limit the MAP to 42 inches of mercury because that equals an Effective Compression Ratio of 11.2:1 Effective Compression Ratio (I will post separately about that)

Anything else you would recommend?


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MOGAS Transportation, Handling, and Storage

Hi All,
My home airport does [...]

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Hi All,
My home airport does [...]

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