I was putting together a [...]

New(er) Techniques in Composite Construction

I was putting together a presentation that my local chapter requested. Most of them are rivet pullers and get a bit intimidated when it comes to fiberglass work. So the request is to talk about Vacuum Bagging.

Well in doing some research in preparation for this I was reading up on Vacuum Infusion (which has always seemed interesting to me) when I ran into a technique that was new to me called "Double Bagging".

I spoke with a fabricator in West Virginia that has created some extremely light parts that would rival pre-preg techniques.They are achieving a 70% fiber to 30% epoxy ratio using this technique.


Originally Posted by Brian Alley

Alley is now a passionate advocate for the process. One reason is that, while converting the cowling from wet layup to double-bagging, Alley found that part weight was reduced from 18 lb (about 8.2 kg) to less than 10 lb (4.5 kg). “The ability of this double-bag … process to consistently produce parts with 70 percent fiber volume fractions has been independently tested and confirmed,” Alley adds. “The best you can get with single-bagging is 50 to 60 percent, if you’re lucky.”

I’d give this a go in a heartbeat if I had a second vacuum pump that would pull 29" of vacuum.

You can find the article here


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New(er) Techniques in Composite Construction

I was putting together a [...]

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I was putting together a [...]

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