I’ve started offline commuting again [...]

% of CAs at your airline are “Lifers?”

I’ve started offline commuting again for the first time in a long time (yay!), and more often than not I’m in the jumpseat (double yay!) of an RJ. One thing I have noticed while chatting up the crews (thanks for all the rides, BTW!) is that in my unofficial survey probably 90% of the captains have no plans to move on, while 100% of the FOs have all their lines in the water. I’m just curious if that is pretty much true across the entire regional industry. If so, it would seem there is even more to the "Pilot Shortage" story, and the Majors will probably start hiring more and more FOs with little/no TPIC. How would you say the %’s stack up at your regional?

P.S. Please, don’t anyone take this the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with making a career out of a regional airline. With all the stagnation of a crappy economy plus Age 65, it just stands to reason that more CAs than ever have likely reached the point where it just doesn’t make sense to start over again somewhere else.


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% of CAs at your airline are “Lifers?”

I’ve started offline commuting again [...]

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I’ve started offline commuting again [...]

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