Hi All,
I was in the [...]

Original Rutan Plans Wanted

Hi All,
I was in the process of archiving a "master" high-resolution set of Defiant plans from the three original used sets that I have, as well as all my Rutan plans.
Unfortunately, we just sustained a major flood in our home and lost almost everything.
A few years ago, a gentleman on the forum contacted me about an original set that he had; he stated that it was in excellent condition and had it stored inside a case.
If that person is still out there, please contact me off list.
My personal email is D dot Carriger at me dot com (D.Carriger@me.com).

I also had original plans and templates, in excellent condition, for the LongEZ, VariEze, and Solitaire. My goal was to archive all the Rutan plans for the education of all interested. I am again searching for these plans too, along with an original set of VariViggen plans.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you all in advance,
Duane Carriger
Noblesville, IN
Berkut #032
(317) 379-7207 (three one seven, three seven nine, seven two zero seven)
D.Carriger@me.com (D dot Carriger at me dot com)


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Original Rutan Plans Wanted

Hi All,
I was in the [...]

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Hi All,
I was in the [...]

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