Where is Malone? Why [...]

Paging Chairman Malone

Where is Malone? Why haven’t we heard from him?

This pilot group is screaming for strong, principled, hard-nosed leadership.


Apparently, Malone is a finesse player. How much did DALPA pay for that full page ad in the AJC congratulating Anderson on his retirement as CEO? Why did he do it, and where is our ROI? Were the mediators his real audience? How is that working for us? And, again, how much did we pay? He and Bastian have been communicating regularly. A little pillow talk, perhaps? It sure isn’t working out for the pilot group.

The time for finesse has passed. UPS showed us that.

It’s time to put a hard-liner in the game.

John, we’re tired of *****footing around. **** or get off the pot. You have not delivered on any of your pledges to this point. I think you failed to recognize you were negotiating against Northwest-style management thugs, and not the Delta "good ol’ boy" network you knew.

No shame in tapping out. Do the right thing for this group. I know it destroys your chances to be the next ALPA national president (which is probably how you justified jumping back in the game), but let’s face it. There is no way a third straight Delta guy will be elected. Especially with negotiations where they are now. We trail the industry. The hard truth is, you are not the guy to put us back on top. Next man up.

If you can take the gloves off and put the brass knuckles on in the next week, I’m on board. Otherwise, AMF.


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Paging Chairman Malone

Where is Malone? Why [...]

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Where is Malone? Why [...]

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