Freeflight Composites was having a [...]

Per-Plans Composite Sheet Cake

Freeflight Composites was having a get together today, and it’s rude to go empty-handed, so I brought a per-plans composite sheet cake:

Cut 4 pcs ¾” urethane or equivalent 8" x 12", bond together with small blobs of micro, not near the edges. When micro is set, sand the foam to a pleasing shape, top and side corners ¼” radius. Apply thin coat of micro slurry, and cover with 1-ply BID at 45 degrees. Two more plies BID cut to 8×12” on top. Once setup, sand to a smooth flat shape and trim off excess on the bottom edges. Apply thin coat of epoxy and about 1/8” thick layer of micro, smoothing the sides first, then the top last.

Once set, mix up ½ cup of thick micro with powdered tint to the desired color. Use a cake decorators set, decorate with flowers and a border as needed, with a nice text greeting or a canard outline.

Buy a 1/8 sheet cake container at the bakery and serve to your host.

Burrall tried to cut it with a plastic knife, then went and got a serious metal spatula, still no luck!

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Per-Plans Composite Sheet Cake

Freeflight Composites was having a [...]

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Freeflight Composites was having a [...]

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