I used Aeropoxy for wings, [...]

Post Cure Fuel Tanks?

I used Aeropoxy for wings, strakes, canard, etc. and built the strakes 31 months ago. I called Aeropoxy about fuel resistance in non-post cured tanks. They recommended post curing at 170 degrees for 2 hours to get maximum fuel resistance. Can’t do that because the blue foam starts expanding at 170. So I’m thinking 140 degrees max just to be safe

1. Has anyone had problems with fuel in non-post cured tanks. I mean Avgas or Mogas, not auto gas with 10% alcohol (heard those horror stories)

2. If post curing is recommended, how is that done? Big Steve used hot water I read…

Thanks, all


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Post Cure Fuel Tanks?

I used Aeropoxy for wings, [...]

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I used Aeropoxy for wings, [...]

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