The inevitable has begun since [...]

Recall Petition for Jackson Initiated

The inevitable has begun since it appears no resignation seems to be forthcoming.

Sponsored by —————–, FO LAS

WHEREAS, Paul Jackson, President, SWAPA, has failed in his duties and obligations to enforce the constitution, as required in the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws Article V, Section 1.G;

WHEREAS, Paul Jackson announced the conclusion of negotiations with the company prior to obtaining a majority vote of the Board of Directors, as required in the SWAPA constitution Article XII, Section 1;

WHEREAS, by withholding information, specifically the MOU authorizing exceptions to Section 1.F. of the Tentative Agreement dated September 17, 2015, willfully violated Article XII, Section 3;

WHEREAS, Article IV, Section 8 authorizes the membership to place on the ballot a recall from office with a successful petition of 25% of the active membership;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the undersigned supports the petition to authorize a Recall Ballot of SWAPA President, Paul Jackson, as authorized in SWAPA Constitution Article IV, Section 8, and that my name and signature be counted for such purposes.


Employee Number:_____________________

Base: ________________________________


Date signed:___________________________

Please fill out, sign and fax this to:————; or email PDF or picture file to:———-; and please also mail the original to:————-. We need 5% of Membership to start the electronic petition process on SWAPA website per the SWAPA Policy Manual. We then need 25% to start a recall ballot (like regular vote via BallotPoint) and then 2/3s of the voting Membership to achieve a recall per Constitution.

Both electronic and originals will be sent to SWAPA 2nd Vice President pursuant to SWAPA Constitution and Policy Manual.

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Recall Petition for Jackson Initiated

The inevitable has begun since [...]

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The inevitable has begun since [...]

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