What’s your favorite dive site [...]

SCUBA – Best Dives

What’s your favorite dive site and why? Bonus points for nov-rev tips and cool spots to stay!

I’m a fan of the wall dives in Cayman, but it’s not as easy to get to as it once was. Shallow or deep, all the dive were good. The most hype was Stingray City, which I’m glad I did, but the wall dives were way better. I have no idea about current deals there, so if anyone has been lately let us know.

I recently dove in Kona and over the last 15 years, the coral has taken an absolute beating. The Manta night Dive with Jack’s Diving Locker is awesome though and a "must add" to any divers logbook!

Anyone with recent South Pacific or Med. sites and deals?


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SCUBA – Best Dives

What’s your favorite dive site [...]

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What’s your favorite dive site [...]

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