Taken from the Skywest thread [...]

Sexual harassment @ Skywest, or elsewhere

Taken from the Skywest thread in the Regional forum (page 995), as I did not want to thread-jack and feel this topic (and post) deserves a thread of it’s own in response…


Originally Posted by flyinjgirl
(Post 1856339)
The culture of sexual harassment at Skywest is bad. I don’t know why I would write this to you since you obviously endorse it. I just hope other females will know they aren’t alone and may come forward as well. I was pressured and threatened to sleep with my IOE captain or not pass. Another IOE captain forced himself onto a female Skywest captain during her IOE and she had to physically fight him off. None of us report it because we stand to lose everything. To be shunned by our fellow pilots and blackballed by the industry. You all think it was our fault or just the way it is. This is part of why a union is needed. Few other industries would tolerate this kind of behavior. In aviation it is widespread and the norm. It’s just a matter of time.


I absolutely abhor ungentlemanly (and, it should be said, unlady-like) conduct. Sexual harassment like this is a very, very big deal and goes WAY past simple teasing/flirting between the sexes. Corporations who are caught failing to address it (and those that perpetrate it) are liable for HUGE $$ penalties and job loss. As a man I, for one, am sorry you (or any woman) experience(d) this.

If I were a female in this industry, I would get a voice recorder app on my cell phone and use it religiously, thanks to the handful of douche-bags like those in your post who lay claim to being professional pilots. It cannot ever be stressed enough that being a professional pilot is a mentality and a mind-set (as is being a gentleman or a lady), not a matter of being paid to fly (or simply being male or female). I hope you never come across another one of these line-apes, but if you do, I hope that you can catch him in the act so he can be weeded out of our community. Permanently.

By that same token, gentlemen(?), I would caution that not only are these apps very powerful and produce great sound quality, but one never knows what savvy lady has one turned on recording the conversation. KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL. I’m confident that 99% of us respect our piloting sisters for the same desires, skill, and passion for aviation we all share. For you 1%ers, respect that she may be (hopefully is) recording you and save your douche-baggery for when you are off the line.

That all said, I’d like to add the general comment that only true idiots $hit where they eat. NEVER, EVER TRY TO (much less) DATE/HOOK UP WITH ANYONE YOU WORK WITH (ie. in the same company)! But by all means, please ignore this advice. You will pay dearly for it, and you will only have yourself to blame. This last para. goes for you ladies as much as for the men.


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Sexual harassment @ Skywest, or elsewhere

Taken from the Skywest thread [...]

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Taken from the Skywest thread [...]

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