Hopefully someone will be able [...]

Single engine add on to ATP

Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this, maybe you know someone who has done it. I am getting conflicting info from DE, and the FAA is not answering my emails and voicemails.
I hold a FAA ATP Multiengine. I had a FAA private pilot Single engine based on a foreign JAR license. That JAR license is not valid anymore, since I havent’ used it in quite a while. I do fly for a part 121 carrier here in the US.
I would like to add a single engine class rating to fly private VFR/IFR. What are the requirements to add it ? Do I have to take a private pilot check ride ? Do I have to satisfy the private pilot requirements ? Is there a checkride solely based on the single engine add on ?
I find it a bit strange that I was allowed to fly single engine VFR based on a foreign license without a check ride when I had never flown in the US, and today I fly in the US but I can’t fly single engine without a checkride.
I also never heard of someone holding a private pilot single engine that wants to add a multiengine, having to retake a whole private pilot test.


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Single engine add on to ATP

Hopefully someone will be able [...]

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Hopefully someone will be able [...]

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