Great article describing some causal [...]

Stagnating wages

Great article describing some causal factors in stagnating wages,,, read the article to see the parallels w FDX (huge stock buybacks, increasing dividends etc) Why salaries don?t rise – The Washington Post

we find that the funds corporations earmarked for their own investment, research, technology and raises during the 20th century have been redirected to shareholders in the 21st, Over the past decade, more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 corporations’ net earnings have been funneled to investors…..
The power of major shareholders to appropriate corporate revenue has grown as the power of workers to win raise increases has dwindled —

…The decimation of private-sector unions has flatly eliminated the ability of large numbers of U.S. workers to bargain collectively for better pay or working conditions. But the ability of financiers to threaten the jobs of corporate managers unless they fork over more cash to shareholders has greatly increased.

At the root of our great pay stagnation is the appropriation by major investors of the funds that used to go to businesses’ research, modernization, expansion and workers. Full employment will certainly boost workers’ wages, but unless the power shift from workers to investors is reversed, the stagnant middle class we will always have with us.

Actions such as Gov Walker’s right to work, and ALEC’s pushing this model legislation thru other Midwestern states will further suppress wages. Hypocritical that Walker & his ilk, along with his ALEC resource sponsors now spout about helping the middle class, but their action is opposite.

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Stagnating wages

Great article describing some causal [...]

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Great article describing some causal [...]

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