:feed:Hi everybody. Could anybody recommend [...]

Suitable Canard present?

:feed:Hi everybody. Could anybody recommend a suitable aviation book for a passionate Canard owner? I want to get a Canard related present for my brother’s 60th and thought a coffee table book might be appropriate. I’m not a canard owner or pilot myself so my knowledge of the subject is extremely limited unfortunately, otherwise I would consider possibly buying something for his aircraft. However, I would rather keep the present a surprise so asking him what he would like or need is not really an option. I’ve been searching for aviation related products and aviation books for sale online classified ads wise but found virtually nothing specific to Canard aircraft. I’m obviously not looking in the right places, so if anybody could point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful. Of course, I’d be open to other suggestions. What do the Canard Aviation community recommend? Or Is there anything else specific that you can think of that would make a suitable present for a Canard owner? I did find this book via an existing thread on this forum (see photo). Thoughts? :feed:


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Suitable Canard present?

:feed:Hi everybody. Could anybody recommend [...]

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:feed:Hi everybody. Could anybody recommend [...]

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