I’ve been a commuter for [...]

SWA jumpseat etiquette question.

I’ve been a commuter for some time now, and have always done my best to follow etiquette rules to a "T" as I am always grateful for that free ride home or (to a lesser extent) to work. I’ve ridden on SWA more times than I can count, and have always been treated very well.

Last night, however, I ran into an issue. I was considerably early for the flight to commute home on, and there were enough open seats for the gate agent to issue me a boarding group pass. While I was waiting, a SW captain entered the gate area. I politely approached, asked if he was flying is to my destination, introduced myself and company, shook his hand, and asked for a ride home. He said "no problem" and boarded the plane.

I later boarded, but did not stop by the cockpit as I thought I had already properly asked for my free ride. As a practice, I try to catch crews at the gate, if I can, to avoid interrupting cockpit setup/checklists etc.

Just prior to door closure, the CA came out and grabbed the FA interphone, and called for me to come to the cockpit. I thought maybe the had additional non-revs and needed me to sit up front or something if that nature. Instead he proceeded to absolutely light into me about not stopping by the cockpit. He asked if I was trying pull something off and angrily noted that he would never do that at my company.

So my question is…do you fellow commuters out there ever ask for rides at the gate? I thought it was a good practice to save time and hassle of interrupting the pilots in the cockpit, but perhaps I need to change my methods.



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SWA jumpseat etiquette question.

I’ve been a commuter for [...]

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I’ve been a commuter for [...]

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