Personally, I can humbly say [...]

TGW Things Gone Wrong

Personally, I can humbly say there’s many things that go wrong in my shop. Especially when deviating from the plans for some supposedly cool thing you just had to do that takes an extra 3 to 6 months build. Otherwise nature or life just plays with you as well. You have to maintain your humor and move on. Even the seasoned builders are not without error. We have a saying in our small plane building community that if you’ve made or built it only twice you’re doing great.

Some folks love to show off their work with pics on this forum and I don’t blame them. We sometimes amaze ourselves on the million small accomplishments we can make on these planes. On the flip side I’m going to post a few of my TGWs just for fun. Anyone else who has any pics can swallow your pride for the sake of a good chuckle and a "me too" and show them off.

The one attached I think I posted before. These are nice looking small metal things either too small, too big, failed design, or just decided not to use. This little group has turned into a nice box full which I plane to retire on the scrap aluminum someday.

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TGW Things Gone Wrong

Personally, I can humbly say [...]

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Personally, I can humbly say [...]

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