For reasons about which I [...]

thicker wing due to filler

For reasons about which I can only speculate at this point, the top spar cap trough on my wing is a bit shallow, according to the spar cap layup schedule and a 0.025"/layer theoretical thickness of UND tape. It’s likely a combination of hotwire error, variation in joining the cores, and a thick shear web layup. Since I’m hard shelling anyway, I’m correcting this up-front by building up the surrounding wing surfaces before doing the actual spar cap layup. This way, the spar cap will be the right thickness when I fill the trough.

To do this, the amount of build-up adjacent to the spar cap ranges from about 1/16" to 1/8", and this will be blended chord-wise with more filling and sanding to maintain the airfoil. Technically, it’s pretty easy to do, but I’m wondering… Is this amount of wing thickening considered "normal" by typical building standards (i.e. when filling and sanding at the end)?

Joe Polenek

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thicker wing due to filler

For reasons about which I [...]

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For reasons about which I [...]

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