Given Frontier’s near "Decade of [...]

Time to feed the Animals – Frontier & Sec 6

Given Frontier’s near "Decade of Pain" is it safe to say our negotiators will NOT present the group with a TA that makes us want to puke?

Whats going on at Delta scares me. I can’t understand where the disconnect between the MEC and the rank and file comes from. Are the negotiators that much smarter than the group as a whole that they really understand the consequences of not accepting the bone the company threw, and the rank & file does not?

We give our section 6 opener in less than 8 months. I think we should begin a discussion HERE, NOW! A public discussion where ideas, priorities, wish-lists, language, concerns, etc. can all be brainstormed among F9 ers, as well as receiving contributions from pilots of other groups.

There are more than a handful of F9 pilots in here that REALLY know what they’re talking about. So come on guys – lets leave the Frontier Hiring board to the starry eyed hopefuls – no offense ;) and get to some meat and potatoes up in here!

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Time to feed the Animals – Frontier & Sec 6

Given Frontier’s near "Decade of [...]

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Given Frontier’s near "Decade of [...]

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