How do you know ALPA [...]

Timing is everything – PR campaigns

How do you know ALPA is in airline mgmt’s back pocket?

Simply answer a question with a question.

Why isn’t ALPA conducting a nationwide advertising campaign buying billboard ads close to all major airports that say….


Did you know the co-pilots on your budget Regional Airline flight are required to have a 4 year college degree AND $100K in licensing/experience??

Did you also know they are paid less than $22k starting salaries??

Every person off the street I talk to about this both can’t believe it and think it’s outrageous.

PR works. It generates buzz. It gets people talking. And they start asking executives and managers very uncomfortable questions….especially when it’s announced those executives are getting big, fat bonuses at a time of huge airline profits.

Why isn’t ALPA informing the public and getting public pressure put on airline mgmt’s? Who does ALPA really work for?? Isn’t ALPA supposed to represent all it’s members equally, not just it’s most senior members??

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Timing is everything – PR campaigns

How do you know ALPA [...]

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How do you know ALPA [...]

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